The Body Shop Canada: Free Trial Samples In-Store

So you’re at your local Body Shop and have spotted a product that you’re just not quite sure about. Maybe you’re a skeptic and don’t believe the claim on the back of the product. Or perhaps you have sensitive skin that reacts poorly to select products. Try it first!

Peasnpod has provided this GREAT tip on the forum. :)

You can go into any Body Shop and request a sample. they have those little jars and will put whatever product you want to try in it.

Today I went and got a sample of each of their baby products.

Samples arent large but it sure is enough to get the feel of the product at least 2-3 times. Nice to be able to try before you buy.

As my personal tip, for those who do any traveling (specifically by plane), don’t throw out the little jars (pictured above) - reuse them! They’ll come in handy onboard your next trip. ;)


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