McDonald's Canada: After School Snack Coupon Booklet Only $1 for 3x Cones, Pies, Fries or Apple Dippers & Milk or Juice

As kids head back to school, McDonald’s will be serving up smiles after school with a coupon booklet containing 12 coupons for only $1!

Daiquiri’s got the exclusive scoop for us with word that they’ll be available October 1st, 2009 but you may want to check your local McDonald’s Restaurant regularly to see if they arrive early as select restaurants may operate differently than others. The coupons will remain valid until December 31st, 2011!

Huge thanks to Daiquiri for posting the following on September 5th on the forum:

McDonald’s just informed me that their Afterschool Snack Coupon Booklets will be available October 1st.

What a great deal! For only $1 you will get 3 Free small cones, 3 Free baked pies, 3 Free apple dippers or 3 small fries, 3 Free apple juices or 3 Free milk jugs…All for a buck. :D

The expiry on these coupons is Dec. 31/11

In the past the coupons stated they were for 12 and under but I have never had any difficulty using them for any age.



GAM on 12 November, 2009 at 8:56 am #

Are these books available in Ontario