Lou Lou Magazine Canada 5th Anniversary Offer: $14.95 Subscription + Free SPC VIP Shopping Card

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Let’s put it into perspective:

BUT! For a limited time you can subscribe to Lou Lou’s Canadian Shopping magazine for just $14.95 and receive a FREE SPC VIP shopping card! Plus, if you order by July 13th, you’ll receive Lou Lou’s 5th Anniversary issue!

With each subscription you’ll receive 10 issues packed full of:

[...] all the latest and hottest fashion [...] and the best buys on the Canadian market!

Not to mention…
• Tons of clothes
• Loads of shoes, bags & accessories
• Oodles of beauty products & cool gadgets

Plus! My favourite part of the magazine: exclusive savings!! With each issue you’re likely to receive cut-out coupons, coupon codes to Canadian retailers and exclusive freebies. In the last few issues I’ve scored a free Starbucks Tazo Tall Tea Infusion, a free sample of Clarins Total Body Lift from The Bay, a free 15mL bottle of Calvin Klein Secret Obsession perfume for women and a 30mL sample of Calvin Klein Obsession Body Wash for men from Town Shoes - and those are just the freebies. :D

So what’s so special about the SPC card?

The SPC card, or rather Student Price Card, was initially intended for students and allows students to take advantage of exclusive deals and great discounts at over 100 national retailers across Canada. Of course, to take advantage of these discounts, you must also present your student card as verification. As of lately, many retailers (Zellers being the worst) are cracking down as “students” slide by, making it harder for those non-students to save.Lou Lou Magazine Canada 5th Anniversary Offer: $14.95 Subscription + Free SPC VIP Canadian Shopping Card

That’s where the SPC VIP card comes in. Exclusive to LOU LOU, whether you’re a student or not, with SPC VIP you can take full advantage of all of the great discounts, unconditionally and without speculation. :D

Click here for a FULL national and local listing of Canadian retailers offering discounts in your area.

Back to our perspective chart:

  • If you’re a student who loves Lou Lou and put it into perspective, $14.95 - $8.50 (cost of SPC card) - that’s only $6.45 extra for a full subscription; only 65¢ per issue.
  • Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of Lou Lou or perhaps you’re a greater fan of Best Buy, Bluenotes, Esprit or Jean Machine, you can score a FREE gift card with your purchase of the SPC card. Click here for full details. :)
  • For the rest of us who aren’t students, I highly recommend that you take advantage of this offer - the exclusive savings all around are unreal that will surpass the cost of $14.95. :D

Click here to order your Lou Lou Canada magazine subscription and start saving!



lyn on 26 June, 2009 at 7:05 pm #

Too bad they don’t have the $10 GC for GUESS or the Zellers on from before. I got it for my cousin last year. I’ve heard about the SPC VIP card… I just hope I won’t have issues using it @ Zellers. They weren’t even all that familiar w/ the recent P&G GC promo that’s advertised all over their store:(

MindsEye on 27 June, 2009 at 2:44 pm #

I agree with ya Lyn, those ones were great. Last year, I purchased when they were giving away TWO free $10 gift cards which was worth buying even if you didn’t want the student card. I ended up picking GUESS - I hated how the rest all had a minimum spend restriction.

Between the 4 promo choices, Bluenotes is a nice new addition and you can’t go wrong with Best Buy. But again, those both have a minimum spend of $50.

As for the SPC card, I gave it a shot and generally they never asked for the student card but a few places did and Zellers ALWAYS did so I’ll definitely be purchasing the VIP card this year. The VIP card states “No student card required” right on it so we shouldn’t have any problems, regardless where it’s used. *crosses fingers*, I’ve a feeling Zellers may still put up a fuss, lol.