The Contest

Until December 24, 2011, JACOB will be sending Christmas stockings (link available below) containing thousands of surprises, such as instant $10 and $25 discounts, nail polishes, and even 6 JACOB wardrobes valued at $10,000 each

How it Works in Store

To discover what could be hidden in your Christmas stocking, simply print it and give it to the cashier when you make your next purchase at a JACOB store. Each Christmas stocking has a bar code that will be scanned at the time of the transaction to activate the contest system.


A total of over $300,000 in prizes to be won at JACOB stores!

15,000 instant $10 discounts
2,000 instant $25 discounts
5,000 JACOB nail polishes valued at $ 6 each
6 $10,000 wardrobes

The Fine Print

The number of instant prizes, valued at $290 000 at the beginning of the contest, will decrease throughout the contest. Skill-testing question required. Chances of winning an instant prize depend on the number of transactions done with a valid Christmas stocking, and also depend on the system for random attribution of the prizes.

Click here to print your Christmas Stocking


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