Shoppers Drug Mart

Pampers or Huggies mega diapers or Pampers pants $14.99
Johnsons baby toiletries $2.99
Life brand training pants 33-44s 2 for $24.99
Nestle good start formula 730g $28.99
Pampers sensitive 320s,natural aloe unscented 385s wipes $10.99
Penaten cream or Johnsons and Aveeno baby care products 20% off
Enfagrow powder $18.49 - 2000 bonus optimum points
Nativa organics baby food or toddler snacks 10% off
Nuby baby accessories 20% off
Zincofax 100-130g $5.99


Pampers giant box diapers 80-156s $26.97
Pampers baby wipes or refills 5’s or 6s $8.97
Enfamil A+ bonus size with omega 1.08kg $28
Enfamil iron or lower iron concentrate formula or Enfapro concentrate formula 12s $25


Nestle baby cereal $3.99


Heinz cereal bars toddler snacks or Farley biscuits 43.49
Buy Heinz Nurture formula and get Heinz baby cereal 227g free(coupon in the flyer)

Toys’R Us

Purchase any 2 Enfamil A+ Gentlease or Enfapro A+ product and get a $10 Toys’R Us gift card
Pampers Sensitive wipes 3pk refill $7.99 and buy 2 get 1 free - No rainchecks

No Frills

Huggies mega diapers $12.99


Pampers or Huggies diapers sizes 3-6, 88-174’s $29.77
teddy’s choice junior pack diapers 2/ $35.00
PC ® infant formula powder 900g $12.99
teddy’s choice™ mega wipes 216-240s 2/ $12.00
Heinz Cereal Bars or Farley’s Biscuits 2/ $7.00
Gerber Graduates $2.49


HUGGIES® Mega Pack Diapers $14.78

Real Canadian Superstore

Pampers or Huggies Club Size diapers $28.88
teddy’s choice™ junior pack diapers 2/$35
PC® infant formula powder 900g $12.99
teddy’s choice™ Training Pants or SleepOvers 2/$25
teddy’s choice™ mega wipes 216-240s 2/$10
Gerber graduates 2 for $5
Nestle baby cereals 3 for $9
Heinz Cereal Bars or Farley’s Biscuits 2/$6
Nestlé Good Start Omega or Natural Cultures 640g or 730g $24.99
Playtex Diaper Genie refills 2/$14

Rexall Pharmaplus

Huggies mega diapers or pants $16.99
Huggies wipes 184-216s $7.49
Aveeno baby toiletries $4.99
Playtex or Gerber baby accessories $1 off
Johnsons baby products $3.99

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