Cake Beauty Canadian Coupon Codes: Summer Sale; 40% Off Entire Purchase

Thanks Girlie Girl for letting us know about Cake Beauty’s 40% discount offer!

For a limited time beginning today through til June 26th, 2009 you can save 40% when you enter coupon code hotsummer at checkout.

Sweet Summer Sale
Get them while they’re hot 40% off everything
enter checkout code ‘hotsummer’ sale on from june 23 to june 26

Personally, my overall impression of Cake Beauty is a bit mixed.

I had ordered online awhile back, purchasing their “Glacial Chocolate Frosting Supremely Rich bath and shower froth” as well as their ever popular, “Desserted Island Moisturizing Body Glaze.

Absolutely nothing bad to say about their customer service. Transaction was smooth, the status of my order was updated by e-mail in every step, the delivery was super fast and samples were thrown into my order, which was a nice touch.

However, upon opening my parcel, my immediate reaction was, “Wow, they’re small!”

Cake Beauty Canadian Coupon Codes: 40% Off Entire PurchaseThe Glacial bath frosting I had expected to be a lot larger in size, as such I find myself sparingly using it. It was this product that really disappointed me. It doesn’t live up to it’s “surpremely rich” name, perhaps in viscosity, but most definitely not in scent. I’m a huge chocolate fan and this product didn’t satisfy that craving. I also found the bottle way too stiff; you couldn’t squeeze to pour. As such, the ‘convenient’ pop cap I found rather pointless as I have to remove it to get anything out of it.Cake Beauty Canadian Coupon Codes: 40% Off Entire Purchase

The Desserted Island Moisturizing Body Glaze on the other hand, I would actually recommend. A little goes a LONG way and the scent is… yum! When applied, skin is left silky and shiny, however, contrary to their sales pitch, I do find it a bit greasy.

Both items at the time were at 60% less their regular price, discounted by 5% with coupon code and sans shipping for a total cost of $15.03 after taxes which wasn’t too bad, but I’m not sure I’d pay their regular prices - Maybe for the Desserted Island Body Glaze, for the scent alone, lol.

Shipping is $5.99, however if you spend $75 worth then it’s free.

For any Cake Girls, take advantage of the 40% off discount and stock up to counter balance the S&H fee. Also be sure to check out their up to 60% off section. Their “it’s a slice creamy body buffer” is currently on sale at only $12 compared to its regular value of $24. At 40% off, the total cost for that specific product would be $8.14 (taxes in).

Click here to shop Canada online.

If you’ve shopped online at, what products have you tried? What products do you recommend?


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