Regardless of whether you like or hate something, I love how product’s can make you feel nostalgic and in a number of ways that’s how I felt when I received my package from Cake Beauty.

I’ve ordered from Cake Beauty in the past and I’ll admit my impression was a bit mixed and I blame my rather demanding nose, ha! Personally, I crave intense scents and after receiving this order I’ve come to realize how great Cake Beauty really is. My nose knows and it can’t get enough. :D Their selection varies and you really gotta dive in to see what works for you..

.. and what better way to do it than with a 50% off discount.. :D

Getting ahead of myself, back to the review.. ha..

My order this time around included:

Cake Beauty Canada Review + Exclusive 50% Dealcetera DiscountY’know those Valentine cinnamon hearts? If one were to bottle the scent and sell it as a body wash, it’d be called Sweet Cheeks by Cake, lol.  So very reminiscent of that popular holiday candy and bursting with scent which I love. When applied it’s true to its buttery name, very silky against the skin and lathers great. For those curious about their Citrus Squeeze Buttery Body Bubbles, I definitely recommend it as well. As I anxiously awaited for my package, I discovered that The Bay also carried their line and ran off to give the products I ordered a *whiff*, lol. With that said, I had checked two locations and both were very limited in selection and carried none of the items I had ordered so the best shopping route is online. Cake Beauty Canada Review + Exclusive 50% Dealcetera DiscountHowever, I was lucky enough to check out their Citrus Squeeze and it’s just yum and again bursting with scent. :D

The Satin Sugar I’m still in the “trying” phase as it’s ideally meant to pick your hair back up between washings and I haven’t quite given my hair a break, lol. From what I’ve tried, it definitely gives you that lift and fullness the day after. What I love, as someone who colours their hair, is that it softens the roots which is an added bonus - you just gotta be careful to stay away from your part.

To save the best for last - Barbie Cake! :D

Since the moment Barbie turned 50 and Cake revealed their exclusive line of ‘Barbie Cake’, curiousity lingered. I grew up with Barbie and this is where I find myself a bit nostalgic. At 25, two days short of 26, I love how that phase has transcended from combing Barbie’s hair to now spritzing Barbie Cake into my own hair.

Cake Beauty Canada Review + Exclusive 50% Dealcetera DiscountSo how does Barbie smell at 50?  Absolutely heavenly! To quote Barbie Cake’s signature scent, it’s:

a blissful twist of sweet lemon, toasted vanilla, sugar, caramel and fresh cream

Cake Beauty Canada Review + Exclusive 50% Dealcetera DiscountLOVE it! It smells as though I’ve been baking without all the work, lol. The solid perfume compact is ultra cute in its vintage tin and a great size to tote along in a purse or clutch. The spray itself is rather multi-purpose. While online it suggests being great for the body and hair, it omits (as stated on its packaging) how it can also be used for “towels and linens, your gym bag, your car, your office or any room in your very own Dream House”.

The only thing that disappoints me is the “limited edition” nature of this collection so I’m half inclined to stock up during our exclusive 50% off discount!

On July 30th and 31st, we welcome you to indulge when you shop online at using coupon code cakecetera. :D

Further details to follow. Stayed tuned. ;)


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