The Deal

Save $5 on select Blu-Ray titles when you trade in any DVD in store.

How it works: Bring your DVD(s) to any Best Buy store. Get your disc(s) tagged by a blue shirt associate. Then grab the eligible titles you’d like to buy and pay for them at the cashier.

The Fine Print

Trade & Save program only available on select Blu-ray titles. Offer valid from March 23 - April 19. Offer not available online. Maximum 1 coupon ($5) can be applied to each blu-ray title. DVD must include box. Burned or copied DVDs, x-rated movies, and promotional videos will not be accepted. Box sets will be credited as one (1) DVD applicable for one (1) $5 off coupon. Once traded in, the DVD will not be returned to customers.

Click here for a list of eligible titles


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