Do you belong to Disney Movie Rewards?

For years now I’ve been getting the codes in our Disney Dvd’s and most recently Blu Ray’s.

A few months ago I decided to bite the bullet and join the site and enter my codes. I ended up with around 1400 points which is “platinum” in the rewards chart.

Lots of nice offerings that I’ve earned but I haven’t decided on anything yet.

Anyways a few weeks ago on my birthday I had an email from DMR saying Happy Birthday and as a gift I had the option of recieving a select Blu Ray for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! There were 5 movies to choose from, and the only downer was they wanted $2.95 for shipping, but under $3 for a  Blu Ray i’m in! Some of the movies to choose from were Meet the Robinsons, Game Plan, and Enchanted. The small print said allow up to 8 weeks for delivery but it was mailed the next day and I recieved in less then a week since it was shipped within Ontario.

So if you have some codes lying around or plan on buying Disney movies its worth taking the time and joining because its not just about saving up for rewards, theres cool little perks too!


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